Join us  @ zionyouth VZW our official organisation, book this top reggae band @ your events, donate to our project or buy our CD's and take part with us in our primary school classrooms building project in Togo (pkalime-klouto) Ouest-Africa so that we all can take this challenge to a reality because Rootman J & The Zionyouth Crew more then just a reggae band firmly believe that primary education of all children in the world (Fundamental Human Right and Unesco) is a key solution of many political and social problems in the "Thirdworld Countries" also in Togo-Kpalime (Ouest-Africa)...NOTE: With our shows, workshops, CD's sells etc... Rootman J & The Zionyouth Crew by Zionyouth(VZW) since 2010 has build 4 primary classrooms (More new pictures to be soon published as we are still updating our new official website page) ... together and Inity Rastafari work must be done!... for more info: feel free link us up HERE any time!!! much blessing to all of u many thanks to all your precious supports and see u soon  @ one of our shows... Zionyouth VZW.